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24th May

Cabaret part of Pride on the Range at the Nip and Tipple instigated by myself

18th May

My performance 'dreaming of a fluffle' premieres Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre

15th May

First performance of Laurie Lamming's one woman performance

14th May

1:1 mentoring session with Helen Wewiora of Castlefield Gallery

4th May

Miss Chief Cabaret

2nd May

Students take over Castlefield Gallery

28th April

Last day of Manchester Open

27th April

David Hoyle has he still got it at Factory International

25th April

Visit to Bury Art Museum and Sculpture Centre for talks about forthcoming Rabbit performance

22nd April

Zoom with Lizz Brady of Broken_grey_wires

20th April

Spring Fest at Victoria Baths with new permanent exhibition of artists from Pool Arts

19th April

Make-A-Scene First Wives Club

19th April

Directoring Laurie William's new one woman show

19th April

Meeting with Jo Clements mentor

13th April

David Hoyle live painting

10th April

David Hoyle launch at Factory International

8th April

Management meeting with Pool Arts

5th April

Sian Williams exhibition at the old Cornerhouse and visit to Alana Lake's studio 

4th April

Travel to my old parent's house to organise paintings for collection by The Bishopsgate Archive

1st April

Start two - one art piece a day groups for the whole of April - Carmen Collective - a queer bunch of artists  and April Art a Day - Bolder+ women

30th March

With Anastasia and Maggie at HOME for Manchester Open

29th March

Meeting with Michael (Cheddar Gorgeous) and partner James with view to buying some art

28th March

Meeting with Sarah-Joy, Ellie from Outside In and Will 

26th March

Rose Thorn Bud - a look at critic at Castlefield Gallery

25th March

Met up with Bolder+ members

22nd March

Started joint painting with Cmallai

14th March

Meeting with mentor Jo Clements

6th March

Sarah-Joy's Axis zoom meeting

4th March

Meeting with Nerissa Cargill Thompson

1st March

Meeting at Manchester Art Gallery with Fiona Corrigan

29th Feb

Painting session with Laurie, she did a fabulous painting of ME

27th Feb

Planning meeting with Sarah-Joy

23rd Feb

Visit to Salford Museum and Art Gallery to see 200 years of Islington Mill

21st Feb

Showing of film of Law Centre exhibition at Manchester Museum

15th Feb

Meeting with mentor Jo Clements about forthcoming ACE project funding application

13th Feb

Admin with Sarah-Joy Ford for forthcoming exhibition

2nd Feb

PV for Manchester Open - surprised and delighted my picture is in a dominate place! 

17th Jan

Talk for British Arts Journal in collaboration with Sarah-Joy

11th Jan

Painting with Sarah-Joy in my studio.


14th Dec

Painting with Sarah-Joy in my studio.

7th Dec

Visit to London to see George Baselitz at the Serpentine.

5th Dec

Painting  with Laurie Williams in my studio.

1st Dec

Spray painting at Rawnsley Garden - project coming on well. 

14th Nov

Interviewed by Sarah-Joy Ford and Sian Williams for PhD research and questions for forthcoming interview in London

10th Nov

Establishment of my new studio.

3rd Nov

Beginning of Solo show for Artfullness Gallery

2nd Nov

Finished two canvases Blood Tears and Bloody Canvas

30th October

'Bring a piece of art and talk about your mental health' - (bad title) premiered at Pool Arts. It went very well and plans to explore the development.

25th October

Another session at Rawnsley Garden, preparing for 'spray day'

17th October

Trip with Bolder+ to Bury for Threaded an exhibition by Bury Arts Collected.

14th October

Canvas finished 'Doll Face'. Getting back to canvas slowly.

7th October

Live on AllFM as Arts Correspondent.

22nd to 24th September

One woman show for Fat Out at Islington Mill

9th and 10th September

Pool Arts take over Victoria Baths - group show with my historical Bollox art and contemporary Queer Icons

31st  August - ongoing 

NSFW at Smolensky Gallery. Group show with my picture of Leigh Bowery.

25th August 

Banner Making Workshop for Trans Action.

24th 31st August 

Unapologetic Self at Islington Mill a group show included 5 pictures - mix of Leigh Bowery and Pete Burns

12th August

July was a bad month for my wellbeing so I did not update my Blog - sorry.

3rd July

Meeting at Pool Art talking about its future - watch this space!

2nd July

Painted David Hoyle and Violet Blonde

24th June

 Went to Saturday preview of the new exhibition at Castlefield. especially enjoyed the ceramics of Parham Ghalamdar.


Alternative School of Economics workshop at Castlefield Gallery

18th June

Just added CV to site.

13th June

Surgery with Castlefield Gallery

10th June

Started commission for the MRI Mental Health Team, redesigning the Rawnsley Building Garden. Longterm Commission/Residency.

26th May

Received a Sane Award for the support of my creativity for six months.

20th to 21st May

Chorlton Arts Festival at Barlow Hall.

4th May

2nd session with Jo Clements and we discussed:

visceral • \VISS-uh-rul\ • adjective. 1 : felt in or as if in the internal organs of the body : deep 2 : not intellectual : instinctive, unreasoning 3 : dealing with crude or elemental emotions : earthy 4 : of, relating to, or located on or among the internal organs of the body : splanchnic.

3rd May

Miss Chief Cabaret - I always take my sketchbook and its always brilliant entertaining.

26th April

A on location recording as AllFM's new Arts Corespondent at the Whitworth's UNdefining Queer exhibition.

25th April

Meet with Jo Clements artist, mentor and counsellor. Very good ideas for the future. Watch this space. 

22nd April

Talk at A Tall Order in Rochdale with Derek Horton, Sarah-Joy Ford and Veronica Slater. Was mentioned a lot and networked as much as possible. A lovely event and the last in the talks to do with the exhibition. 

April 18th

Pride on the Range - launch for 'Proud Heart' exhibition at Carlton Club. Sponsorship by Cass Art. Began a lot of activities for Whalley Range Pride.

17th April

Victoria Baths Spring Fest was this Saturday and my piece 'you ought to be hosed down - another gay bar shooting' was received well at different levels. From children who wanted to dance in the light of the disco ball to those who completely felt at 'home' ie queers who are used to being in cramped spaces and always know the joy and fear that goes along with being queer. My favourite quote was 'hits the spot'! Well I take it down today and thank all those at Victoria Baths, my friends who supported me and of course Nick Telfer without whose help it might not have happened! More soon ....

14th April

Simon Maudsley's exhibition 'Splinters' is at The Snow Goose, Sunderland Street, Macclesfield, SK11 6HN

Very close to the station about a 5 minute walk.

'Splinters' is a group of abstract works and many look like splintered glass shards. Even the more regimented abstracts are built up of small rectangles and other sharp shapes in Simon's language of the simple becoming stunning. Patterns emerge and disappear into a sea of true abstraction. Colours are rich, vibrant and precise, from cool blues to oranges and red often underpinned by a thick black line showing Simon's hidden talent for drawing. 

The exhibition is from 14th April for a month or more and very worth while catching. I'm not surprised if Simon sells quite a few works as they will look magnificent in people's homes. 


13th April
Future and Past

A visit to the Pankhurst Centre and a possible Rabbit collaboration

Today I went to the Pankhurst Centre with the luminous and lovely Sarah-Joy Ford

The place where I exhibited 'Third Sex' in the 1980s has become a visitors centre with little room for contemporary art. The feminist struggle seems to have been made pretty and family friendly. So not a great visit but the make your own coffee was nice and the people running the venue where nice.

SJ is interested in a collaboration and it may have a rabbit in it!
11th April

Installing at Victoria Baths

Putting up the installation - large scale painting - Nenagh Watson's nail shower - cloth and a mirror ball all for the installation - you ought to be hosed down - another queer bar shooting. To be unveiled April 15th for one day only. 

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